10 Things You Should Know About Me

by | Aug 29, 2019

We are in the year [year]

1. I’m a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer.

2. I’m always the Last Bencher, for namesake I did my engineering in the field of Electronics & Communication, Yes it’s true.

3. I Play Football & exercise 5 days a week and swim once a month.

4. I’m Pure non-vegan, I eat twice a day. And I love Mutton Biryani…

5. I’m EX-Multi Level Marketer promoted one product during my college days to earn money for my needs. And thanks to that because it resurrected my inner entrepreneur qualities and it showed me why I must become an Entrepreneur.

6. I love taking a risk and if somebody says u can’t then I will prove them they were wrong.

7. I read books twice a day.

8. I will never disturb anyone and they should follow the same, or they will be kicked out of my list.

9. Whenever I am asleep none are allowed to do any kind of action which wakes me up.

10. Finally, I always stay away from negative people. If you’re one of them then stay away…